Country Spirit

One house, two families, one of which are ghosts – nobody said co-parenting was going to be easy.

A 10 part situational comedy drama for audiences 8 – 13 years

Maudlin Manor is set to provide the ideal place for single dad Steve to put his aspirations of self-sufficiency to the test, but kids Casey, Tyler and Elisha are less than enthusiastic about swapping city buzz for birdsong. It’s not just animal smells and muddy fields they’ll have to get used to as they soon discover their new home is also home to a family of ghosts…ghosts that only the children can see and who are determined to make friends! Over the course of the series we watch the fun unfold  as these two distinct, but similar families, struggle to live in harmony under one leaky roof. Eternal optimist and naïve dad, Steve, envisages the family’s new home as the perfect opportunity to transform his dreams of the good life into a reality, one that he is woefully unprepared for. The ghosts do their best to help the children settle into county living and the children have a thing or to teach their ghost friends about modern living.

Treatment and episode outline available.