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A too-long gap to update but writing life has not been a blank page.

A Delayed Summer


Shockingly Overdue Update:

I've been busy since my last update. Not busy enough to excuse my utter lack of updating, but there you go.

I've had an amazing year as an RLF Fellow at Newcastle University which has afforded me space and time to write without juggling half a dozen teaching jobs and as a result of this freedom I have been full of ideas and enthusiasm for writing and this has made a big difference in the range and ambition of the work I am producing.

I've written a new short film, Fathoms, set on LIndisfarne, 3 x TV pilots, and am halfway through a new screenplay.

I've been commissioned to write a pilot for a potential new audio drama and most excitingly, The Change, was a New Blood, Fright Fest finalist August 2019 which meant I spent last week in London meeting some amazing producers, directors, writers and horror experts. So happy to have met people whose work I genuinely admire and enjoy and to benefit from their expertise, advice, insight and creativity, enthusiasm and kindness.

I've also part of BAFTA Crew/Network '19/'20. It has been an excellent twelve months.

I need to update more!

Summer Time and the Living is...tense

Spring into Summer

Spring into Summer


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