Summer Time and the Living is...tense


I am not sure where summer went, actually I do, I spent all summer wishing those rare sunny days away under the promise/interest  in a screenplay, possibly a TV series:

The producer/production company I have been dealing were waiting for their latest feature to land in the summer before moving forward on my project. We had a meeting in mid September which was positive and now I’m waiting to hear abut next steps. I’m not sure if hope is more difficult to withstand, for a writer, then rejection. At least with rejection you have no option but just deal with the bare harsh facts, rather than developing increasingly far fetched success scenarios to get you through.

I need an agent, hopeless at negotiating and out of my depth with screen options compared to theatre contracts. It is also very hard to get your work in front of people without one. I’m hoping with the two projects I currently have bubbling away that a good agent is not too remote  a prospect.

In June I went to London for an RLF party and induction meeting for new Fellows. A really lovely event which also involved recording two commissioned podcasts for the RLF site – so yes, I am counting those two commissions as separate entities in relation to writing news. TWO.

August – commissioned to write a short piece for Unfolding Theatre for their performance piece, Building Palaces, which I initially worked on eight years ago. This was for the Great Exhibition of the North and was part of an instillation at Northern Stage, Newcastle.

On returning from my meetings about the screenplay and not knowing what might happen next; I was delighted to be awarded BFI Network Early Development Funding for my screenplay proposal, The Change. I will be working with a mentor to develop a full treatment for the screenplay. I felt really good signing a contract between myself and the BFI. This is my summer win and I am holding it dear.

Autumn aims – agents/decision on Faithless/full treatment of The Change to be completed, work on the next treatment. Keeping the faith – very important