Spring into Summer


I’m starting a news section as I’m confident that I will have writing news to report which isn’t something I would have said this time last year after a crushing round of agent enquiries and a sense of abject out-of-loopness. This last year has seen me really re-think and regroup my aims as a writer and get to grips with the stories I want to tell. I am currently focused on developing new ideas for screen and TV and cutting back on teaching to a bare minimum, intended zero. I’ve cleared space and time to develop the stories I want to tell rather than trying to anticipate the market or applying for the clutter of schemes out there which tend to result in a glut of rejections which is not good for a writer, or at least, not good for me. If I get rejected now it will be for things that matter not for the opportunity to write something underpaid and undervalued.

Clearing out the doubt and distractions has made it so much more easier to write the ambitious, high concept ideas which motivate and interest me as a writer. I’m writing with conviction and enjoyment and it feels wonderful to give myself permission to do this rather than wait for it to be given. I’m getting better at blocking out the self-doubt.

So far spring has been positive and I’m hoping summer 2018 will reap some awards.

Currently in discussion with a producer to option and develop my first screenplay, Faithless. Until it happens it could so easily unhappen but I am allowing myself to be hopeful and excited by this while that option remains open.
Completed a treatment for The Night Crow and working on a new treatment for a high concept TV series for adults, Ghost Town.
Had some very positive feedback about Outsiders, including a meeting with a production company.
Had some offers to read next work from several production companies.
Commission to write two pieces for the RLF.
Commission to write a short piece for an Unfolding Theatre installation.

As part of the Digi-Transform scheme which was responsible for this website and helping me to focus on my career, I was lucky enough to be mentored by Kira-Anne Pelican, a film industry consultant with a wealth of industry and consultation experience www.filmscribe.co.uk

My mentoring sessions with Kira-Anne helped to reinforce and direct my new focus and reignite my confidence and drive. Her notes, feedback and advice were precise, incredibly useful and inspiring. I was lucky to be assigned Kira-Anne as my mentor and her input has been an invaluable part of my new journey.