Marche Du Film and Lockdown Studios


I am ashamed at how much I have ignored my website which is usually a clear sign I’ve not got a lot going –  wrong, amazingly I have, I have! It’s been a busy 12 months despite the last 3 months of lockdown and the inevitable slowing of production and development. The Change, my menopause horror, was a New Blood Finalist, which lead to me meeting the amazing Jen Handorf, which has lead to The Change being optioned with Jen as both producer and director.

The Change was selected for Frontieres Finance and Packaging Forum in Sweden March 2020 (right before Lockdown) and has since been selected for the Frontieres Platform at Marche Du Film, Cannes where an online Proof of Concept presentation will be presented June 2020.

Other exciting news was a 10 x hour Amazon Audible commission for an original multi-cast drama. This was an intense but enjoyable writing challenge –  10 hours of original story and script delivered in around 6 months but it’s going into production this summer and due to be released in the autumn.

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